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Report for the Seventh Trip to Ukraine (July 15th-16th 2022)

Our seventh trip to Ukraine was different than the previous ones, because it was an urgent one and its main purpose was not to bring as much humanitarian aid as we could. Bro. Mihai sent us a message, asking us to pray for Dima, one of the drivers of these vans that we sponsor. He was suddenly drafted into the army, to be sent to the front line. Because of the current situation of the war, there is a massive drafting campaign in Ukraine. But, the first to be drafted, according to the brothers, are the men that have no jobs, or have bank debts or didn’t pay their taxes. Dima did not meet any of these conditions, and his sudden drafting was a surprise to all. It seems that before long all of them will be drafted. Since we had given Mihai a volunteer agreement with us, which helped him on several occasions when he was stopped by police or soldiers on his trips, we suggested to give such volunteer agreements to all the drivers, to have something to show to the authorities, that they are doing humanitarian work. They were all happy to hear about our offer to help them in this way. For two days I worked on these contracts. We also made IDs for them. We made 9 agreements: six for the drivers and three for sis. Alesia, her husband, Max and their son, Oleksandr. They are distributing our help and literature in central-southern Ukraine. We finished all the paper work on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, at 5:00 AM, Aurel Miclea and I started our trip toward Ukraine. After 12 hours, we arrived in Suceava, a Romanian city close to the border, where we stopped to buy the things on a short list given to us by Mihai. They needed personal hygiene products, detergent and breakfast cereals. We also got them some coffee beans, chocolates and candy for children. We got some things for them to send to Dima, in the army.

It was 7:45 PM when we got to the Ukrainian border, and after half an hour, we were in Ukraine, meeting with brothers Mihai, Pavlo and Viktor, who came down to the border from Chernivtsi to shorten our trip. We unloaded the aid and the literature (this time we brought 4800 booklets in Ukrainian and Russian), they signed the agreements and took the other ones to the brothers that could not come. We left with Mihai the contracts for sister Alesia and her family. He will take the contracts to them when he and the brothers will make the trip to the Southern city of Zaporojie. We left with Mihai 300 euros for fuel for this trip, and also 200 euros for him and his bride to be, as a wedding gift from us, as they are having their wedding in a few days. We gave 200 euros for Dima, the young man that was drafted, for them to buy things that he will need, as soon he will go to war and they need to buy a lot of things themselves. We also gave 300 euros as a love offering for the 6 drivers, to divide it equally among themselves, as a token of our appreciation for everything they are doing there. The brethren were very happy and appreciative that we made this special journey just for them and brought them these documents so quickly. We pray that they will be of help to them! After we prayed together, we crossed back into Romania at about 9:30 PM and after 1 hour we arrived at Aurel’s relatives, where we spent the night.

On Saturday morning we started our trip toward Fagaras, in Central Romania, to pick up from a print shop there some Gospel booklets that we had printed there. We arrived there after a 7 hour journey, at 4 PM, loaded the literature, had fellowship with bro. Olimpiu, the owner of the print shop, and started our way toward home. We arrived in Bocsa around 10 PM.

The seventh trip to Ukraine had ended well. Our mission was accomplished this time, as well.

Glory to God!

What is next?

At this moment, we have three areas in Ukraine where we bring help: 1. Chernivtsi (that is the place where the brothers that operate the vans live; they take our aid and literature in many other areas from Central, Eastern and Southern Ukraine; we helped other brethren that work in the same area, namely bro. Grigorii, bro. Gheorghe and bro. Orest). 2. Transcarpathia, where bro. Romi and his wife, sister Anna live (they go from house to house to families that help refugees and to poor people in the area. Through them we reached the orphanage near the Slovakian border). 3. Kropyvnytski, in central Ukraine, through sister Alesia Vlasova and her family. They help many refugees from Southern and Eastern Ukraine that are hosted within the city and in the neighboring villages.

It is our assessment that the war will not end soon. And even after it would have ended, the needs in the war torn areas will continue to exist for quite some time. We will do our best to continue to help and meet the needs in all these three areas, to the best of our possibilities and resources. We thank God that we still have funds for a few more trips. We will let everyone know when the funds will be almost depleted. We work as hard as we can to be faithful stewards of these funds, so that they will reach exactly where the need is the greatest.

Regarding the literature work in Ukrainian and Russian, we will continue to print the two Gospel booklets. We will also continue to translate more materials in both languages. Sister Alesia and her family will help us in this work. Soon, our church app and website will be updated and the content will be available in Ukrainian and Russian, as well. This way, those that receive our literature in Ukraine will be able to find info about us (who we are, what we believe, what we do) and contact us. There is a lot of work behind this update, and we thank God for raising people that offered their help, each in their own field of expertise, to make this project possible.

We wish to thank all of you for your prayers, for the encouraging messages and for your donations! May God bless you all abundantly!

Glory to God!

Raul Enyedi & Aurel Miclea

Financial report for the seventh trip to Ukraine (June 15th-16th 2022)

Purchased items:

24 pcs toothpaste

27 pcs articles of hygiene

37 pcs shampoo and shower gel

22 litres of liquid soap

29 disinfectant

24 litri detergent lichid

62 kg detergent

5 buc travel pillows for the vans

10 buc tourniquets

2 sacks corn flakes

30 pcs breakfast cereals

24 pcs candy & snacks

50 pcs chocolates

6 kg coffee

Beside the items we purchased ourselves, we took the following items that were donated to us: 6 jars of honey (one for each driver).

We also took 4800 Gospel booklets in Ukrainian and Russian.

Total for purchased items: $ 647.94

Amount of cash given to cover costs of fuel and maintenance for three vans that make trips to Eastern Ukraine to bring people out and take aid in, to volunteers and refugees: $ 1822.41

Money needed for fuel, vehicle maintenance and other expenses on our trip to Ukraine and back: $341,29

Grand total for the seventh trip: $ 2811.64

Pictures and videos of this trip can be accessed at the following link:

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