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Rev. James Petigru Boyce, D. D., LL. D.,
Joseph-Emerson-Brown Professor of Systematic Theology
in The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

First published in 1887

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There may be some statements in this work that we may have some disagreement with. For example in Chapter 31 on "Effectual Calling" Boyce makes the following statement , ďThe atoning work of Christ was not sufficient for the salvation of man.Ē His point was to show the necessity of an effectual call since the sinner must believe on Jesus Christ. He was showing that the atonement was Godward which we most surely agree with.

However we take the position that the atonement was not only sufficient but was also efficient for the salvation of all the elect of God. We believe that the atoning work of Christ assures the effectual calling of the elect and the bestowal of all graces that are manward and that are necessary for the electís salvation.

We feel that this work has value for those who are involved in the study of Godís word and have therefore posted it on this website. It is a testimony to the fact that Southern Baptist people were in times past a Sovereign Grace people in their beliefs.

We have not read every part of this work and if there are any parts that you may question as to our position then please feel free to write to our church and inquire about our position.

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