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Report of our first trip to Ukraine (March 12th)

On Thursday, March 10th, we loaded the trailer with 88 air mattresses and 20 pumps. That was everything one retailer had in stock. On Friday, March 11th, Aurel Munteanu got his passport and we started our trip to Ukraine. We made another stop on the way to buy 98 more mattresses, which was also everything this other store had in stock. We spent the night at our brethren from northern Romania. They live 65 km south of the Ukrainian border. On Saturday morning, we purchased other items from our list and headed toward the border.

We made a stop in the border city to meet with our brother, Romi, one of our contacts. He is Romanian, but his wife is from Ukraine. Bro. Romi and his family used to live in Ukraine, in the town across the border, but he works on the Romanian side, so he used to cross the border every day. The border police and customs officers know him. He and his wife volunteered to help a Christian organization that operates a youth campground outside the Romanian city, so they live on the camp’s premises now.

This campground became a refugee camp, hosting and feeding Ukrainian refugees. Some just need a place to spend the night on their way out of the country, others need a place to stay indefinitely. Such is the case of a Baptist family we met, the mother with five children (4 daughters and one teenage son have been staying at this facility for more than a week. The husband stayed behind, with their two older sons, who are above 18 years old, and need to be drafted.

Two of the brethren from this campground (they are from a Plymouth brethren assembly) offered their van to us and also to come with us to Ukraine. We loaded their van, as well, and headed toward the border. There was a long line of refugees, some crossing by cars, others by foot. We saw some very moving scenes there. We crossed the border after a 40 minute wait on paper work. We were considered a humanitarian convoy and had priority. The refugees wait for hours to cross.

We arrived in Solotvyno, the first town, where we met bro. Michail, his pastor from a Baptist Church in Chernivtsi, and three other brothers that came with them, to help. It was a joyful and encouraging moment. We transferred the aid to their two vans, handed them the Ukrainian cash, prayed together and parted ways. We brought them several hundred copies of Gospel literature in Romanian and several packages with all our books. There are many Romanian speakers in that part of Ukraine, so the literature will be distributed around there.

We crossed back into Romania and spent the night in Baia Mare. On Sunday morning, we had a prayer meeting with our brethren there and after lunch we started our trip back south. By 10:30 PM, I left Aurel at the train station, to ride the train back to Filiasi, and by 11 PM I was home. Aurel got home early Monday morning.

This was, in short, our first trip there. Because of lack of space, I can’t enter into too many details. The trip was so intense, physically, spiritually, emotionally. All I can say is that Aurel and I won’t ever be the same after going there. The trip was very important, as we needed to assess the situation ourselves, meet the people involved, establish relations and contacts, identify needs and opportunities to help, both in terms of humanitarian aid and spiritual work. We did that abundantly. We saw the Lord going before us and opening doors in a mighty way. We praise the Lord and thank you all for your prayers! The first mission was fully accomplished.

What comes next?

First of all, we wish to thank all of you for your prayers, encouraging words and more than generous donations toward this cause. We are completely impressed and overwhelmed by all the funds that were poured in toward this effort. You entrusted a lot to our care, and we feel the burden of responsibility that comes with this big amount of trust and finances. As those of you that support the Romania Mission Work already know, the funds will be spent efficiently, transparently, and wisely.

The first trip, including the money we left with them, amounted to approx. $5000.00. This is a lot of money, but it was well spent. Our aid impacts hundreds of people that left their homes behind. We plan to continue making trips to Ukraine and helping in several ways. Were also working on translating and printing Gospel booklets in Ukrainian. There is a high demand for sound literature in Ukrainian, both in Ukraine and Romania. In the face of this horrible war, there are many opportunities to share the Gospel. We are committed to be doing this, as our top priority, along with providing for their earthly needs.

At this point, we want to draw your attention to two important aspects:

  1. As of now, we have enough funds for at least two months. Unless something huge comes up, which will drain the available resources immediately, we will be able to continue this work for a while. We know that many of you still want to contribute toward this cause. Some for the first time, others want to contribute again. At this point, we ask you to give us time to spend wisely and efficiently the funds that already came in before sending us more. Our strategy is to minister to these people on a long-term basis, providing all that we can to meet real needs, but not just spend as much as possible in a couple of trips. When the funds begin to run low, I will let everyone know. Receiving too much at once is a burden, as well. It is our earnest belief that the Lord would have us continue these efforts for as long as necessary, and it would be a great blessing to us, to know we can count on you all for additional support if or when needed. We ask you to prayerfully consider this.

  2. Also, we would ask you to pray and consider that future funds sent for this work would not be just for humanitarian purposes, but for mission work as well. We are always faithful to spend the money as it was designated, and it is important for us and beneficial for this work if we had the liberty to use these funds to minister for the spiritual needs of these people, as well. I know that many of you would not have a problem with it, but we need to do things properly. This may change how the funds are spent, and how they are sent to us. I will let you know of any changes in the future.

Thank you all again for everything. May the Lord be glorified through this work and His Kingdom proclaimed and increased!


Raul Enyedi & Aurel Munteanu

Grace Bible Baptist Church
26080 Wax Road
Denham Springs, LA 70726

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