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Curtis Pugh (1944 - 2018)

Does God Love Everyone
The Universal Wife
We Love Him Because He First Loved Us
Is This The Way You Pray?
Why Tornadoes?
Sinners Taught by the Father
Have You Repented That You Might Believe?
It Cannot Be Both Ways
Why Drought in the Southwest and Blizzards in the Northeast?
What Is God Doing?
The Washing of Regeneration
Nobody Believes in Predestination Anymore
I Am Afraid of You
Mary's Savior
Christ's Church Before Pentecost
In Order to Be Saved
Who Knows What Pleases God Better Than God Himself
Who Persecutes Whom
Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh
God Has You Right Where He Wants You
If You Believe the Bible Then You Must Believe in Predestination
The Christian and Tattoos
The United States is not Israel
God Is In Absolute Control of Everything AND EVERYBODY
Do You Feel at Home
God is Not Helping Us
Stirred But Not Changed - Jaded Baptists
Why Cannot A Baptist Preacher Grant A Divorce
The Knowledge of the Holy Ones
Doing the Impossible–Leading a Soul to Christ
How Far America?
The Effect of Christ's Sacrifice
The Nation Israel - Beloved Enemeies
Whenever the Gospel is Preached
Well Equiped Saints
Drinking What Jesus Drank
Are You Ready?
Soured Milk and Tainted Meat
The Accomplishment of Christ on the Tree
The Point of No Return
The Mysteries of the Bible
Gospel Regeneration Will Not Work
Follow Your Heart
Have You Ever Been Shut Up?
Human Goodness
The Success of Jesus Christ
How Did You Get Your Honest and Good Heart?
Are There Few That Be Saved?
Religion Or Revelation
Broken or Ground to Powder?
Assurance of Salvation
Smelly Christians
Led To Repentance
A Personal Revelation
Inner Light
The Lord Doesn't Knock
Moses or Jesus Christ
Cursing, Minced Oaths and Profanity
Events Made Certain
When Grace Is Not Grace
A New Birth Needed
One Constant in a World of Change
Many Walkers
Three Things About the Love of God
Four Things About the Elect
The Call To Come Out
Walking With God
God Does What He Pleases
Zeal Without Knowledge
Smelling a Fragrant Branch and Kissing Your Hand
The God of the Bible
But We Know (Time of year Christ was born)
What Must We Do To Be Saved
The Purpose of God
Two Classes of Extreme Anger
God's Foreknowledge
A Man Sent From God
Those Who Really Believe
Glorious Liberty
Flee From Idolatry
God Is More Than Love
The True Meaning of Easter
A False Premise
Seeking Christ for the Wrong Reasons
Signs of the Times
God Commands the Impossible
Seeing Ourselves Correctly
Back to the Bible
In Your Sins
God's Love in Action
Works Mongers vs. Grace Mongers
A Beautiful Story Twisted Out Of Shape
Baptism Does Not Make Disciples
How Is Your Thinking?
Were You Reconciled To God?
Led By The Spirit
The Glorious Gospel of Christ
How Many Patterns Do You Need?
Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law
A Child Born and a Son Given
Measuring Our Spirituality
Why Was Jesus Silent
The Law and Christ
Taught by Christ
Disciples Are Made
Escape From the Second Death
Man's Ruin
Four Principles of God's Judgement
God's Work in Sinners
A Volunteer or a Draftee?
A Free Sill Prayer
Has Christ Done Anything Special For You?
Bread for the Hungry - Water for the Thirsty
Regeneration by the Holy Spirit
Sinners Will Not Like Heaven
That Which Is Absolutely Necessary
God Is Greater
Knowing the Truth
You And The Word of God
End Time Sign Seekers
Knowing the Father
Loving the Truth
Safe in the Hands of God and of Christ
God And The Little Birds
Whatever Happened to Freewill?
Foolishness And Blasphemy
The Beloved of God
God's Righteousness Proved
A Thousand Times No
A Wolf in a Field of Wheat
Freewill and the Knowledge of God
A Simple Test
What You Will Believe in Heaven
The Bible and Baptism
Looking For My Free Will
God Does Not Value Ignorance
Give Who Your What
Abusing the Bible
Regeneration is Not Conversion
Why Are You a Believer?
Stuck On a Tree
Empty Noisemakers
Mary No Longer a Virgin
I Double Dog Dare You
Christ's Glorious Finished Work
Christ's Bride
Preacher I Know That Cannot Be True
False News
Smooth Stones and Mellow Preachers
The Right Goal
That All Should Come to Repentance
Two Most Misunderstood Words
A Satisfied God
Genuine Christians Are Different
Jesus Lifted Up
Twice The Child Of Hell
Can You See?
Confrontational Christianity
Decisions Decisions Decisions
The Extent of Human Depravity
The God Nobody Likes
The Measure of a Preacher's Love for Christ
Jimmy Wouldn't Get Saved
The Problem with Jacob and Esau
Are There Many Saved?
Can You Repent and Believe in Christ?
Hearing and Seeing
Fulfilling All Righteousness
The Blind Leading the Blind
Attempting to Make Goats Act Like Sheep
Christians Grow Up!
Why Some People Reject the Bible
He Shall Give Us All Things
God Is Completely In Control
Four Facts About The Love Of God
Worshiping Creation
The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis
In Adam All Die
Belief In God
Jesus Lifted Up
More False News
What Jesus Will Not Find
Thoughts on Being a Good Finisher
An Unused Word
Unfaithful Friends
Understanding the Book of Revelation
It Cannot Be Found
Possession of Eternal Life
False Faith in the True Gospel
Preaching Without Authority
The Name of God
Loving the Bible
Poisoned Bottled Water
Christians Without Hope
The Kind of Preachers We Need Today
The Order of Salvation
Much Water
The Shame of Nakedness
Who is Your Enemy?
Christ the Master
That Which God Requires
The Four-Fold Presentation of Christ
Imagined Errors in the Bible
The Direction You Take
Thoughts on the Gospel and the How of the Gospel
Jesus Never Tried to Save Anyone
Pleasing Him
When Words Have No Meaning
The Biblical Doctrine Of Perseverance
Left Hand Bibles
Ordained To Eternal Life
Today Some Might Call It Abuse
Stupid or Dead?
Freedom of Choice
The Lawful Use of the Law
Satisfaction Good and Bad
God Sees
Jesus and Popular Religion
An Anecdote And Three Points
Thoughts On Understanding The Bible
Baptists of all Sorts
Progress in the Christian Life
The Present Spiritual Climate
Differing Viewpoints of Different Gospels: Which?
Serving God Because it is Right
Bad Things Do Happen
Refusing To Be Ashamed
The Purpose of the Old Testament Law
Slumgullion Preaching
The Jew's Religion
Glad To See You Go
Being A Friend To The World
Religious Blasphemy
What Does God Think Of What You Love?
When His Chosen Ones Shall Gather
Almost Jesus
God's Order in Salvation
A Thief's Testimony
Paul's Greatest Mistake
How The USA Got This Way
John Calvin and James Arminius
Christ Not The Founder of Christianity
David's Dance
Was James Ignorant?
An Unwarranable Stress on Baptism
Desperately Crying Out For God
Hocus Pocus Baptists
Four Kinds Of Church Government
I Am Looking For Sinners
Why Did You Come to Christ?
13 Things a Lost Man Cannot Do
Is God a Failure?
Genuine Saving Faith
When is a Man Righteous in God's Eyes?
A Brick Wall for Arminians
Answers to an Arminian Doctor's Questions
Them and Us
What is a New Testament Church?
Landmarkism vs. Interdenominationalism
The Book "Three Witnesses for the Baptists"
A Biblical Look at Suicide
Did Paul Eat the Lord's Supper at Troas?
Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches
A Verse They Cannot Make Fit
Lent, Easter and Hot Cross Buns
Let the King James Translators Speak
Baptists and the Argument from Silence
Christ's Church Before Pentecost
The Lord's Eighty-Two Men
Faith and Repentance or Repentance and Faith
Saul Persecuting the Church
Leaning Upon the Lord
Why Does the Pope Wear a Hat?
Believing Unbelievers
The Cross and Crucifixion
The Bible is not Enough
The Raising of Lazarus
Volunteers For Jesus
Calling On The Name Of The Lord
How To Anger Modern Baptists
"Predestination" by Curtis Pugh
"Safe On The Shoulders of Christ" by Curtis Pugh
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"A Deficient Gospel" by Curtis Pugh
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"Bible Answers to an Arminian Doctor`s Questions" by Curtis Pugh
"Baptist and the Argument from Silence" by Curtis Pugh
"Notes on Apollos and Certain Disciples at Ephesus" by Curtis Pugh
"Past the Point of No Return" by Curtis Pugh