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Brothers and Sisters, March 6, 2022

In 2009, Grace Bible Baptist Church organized Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly in Romania with Raul Enyedi as pastor. Since then, the Church there has begun a bible study close to the Ukraine border. These Ukrainian men have a profession of faith and though they are not at this point baptized, they have shown interest in truth. Since the war began, these men have been bringing in supplies and rescuing Ukrainians wanting to leave the country. The Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly has been offering humanitarian assistance and providing gospel literature for this effort. Our church will be assisting them by providing funds for the purchase of those things the people in Ukraine need, and the printing of gospel literature to distribute to the Ukrainian people.

For the purpose of this short-term endeavor, Grace Bible Baptist Church is willing to help our sister churches get love offerings for the Ukrainian assistance, to Romania where it will be distributed to the Ukrainian people. Raul explains more below, he will provide a financial account receipts and expenses. You may send funds directly to the church in Romania or by sending a check to our address above, made out to our Church with “Ukrainian Aid” in the memo.

One last word; I have seen images of Jehovah Witnesses and other false religions on the Ukrainian border offering assistance to the refuges. While I appreciate the aid they are giving, I know that they are also poisoning their minds and hearts with lies. Though this is not mission work, but humanitarian assistance, we need to share the gospel with these people, as our Lord is the only true and permanent help for them. I know many of you have been burdened for the Ukrainian people, many wonder how to help. We do not believe in social missions, we understand, what true mission work entails. Yet shouldn’t the Lord’s bride offer help to these people and share with them the Gospel of Christ? “And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?” James 2:16

Greetings from Romania, brethren! This is Brother Raul Enyedi, pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly of Bocsa, Romania and a missionary here. Many of you know me personally and are actively involved in supporting our missionary endeavors and printing work.

Our free literature has reached many countries, including our northern neighbor, Ukraine, where we have brethren that receive and distribute our literature there. We also have a brother that has offered to translate our materials into Russian and proofread the existing translations. They are not from our kind of churches (we don’t know of churches like ours in Ukraine), but these men are saved and are interested in sounder doctrine. This is why they joined our Bible study group in the past. With war coming into their country, things have changed dramatically. The brother that is a translator, together with two other men, have been driving back and forth to Kiev, risking their lives every day, to deliver food, water and supplies there and to bring people out that flee from the harm’s way. The war is horrific, and it causes much suffering. There are urgent needs for food, water, clothes, medicine, etc. We, in Romania, felt burdened and led by the Lord to help these people in Ukraine. We started raising money for this humanitarian relief fund, and we are also working rapidly on translating Gospel booklets into Ukrainian, to print them and distribute them to the people. If the Lord leads you to join hands with us, we would be thankful. We are doing everything on our end to ensure that the funds are spent correctly, efficiently, and transparently. We will be providing financial reports, as well as updates on the situation.

Thank you,

Brother Raul


Update From Raul:

Greetings, Dear Brethren!

We wish to thank you for all the prayers, encouraging messages and abundant giving toward the Ukraine Relief Fund. We are deeply moved and impressed with your generosity and love toward this cause. It will be a help for many, and we will be making several trips with humanitarian aid. The first of which will be on Saturday, Lord willing.

We feel a great burden for our brethren from Ukraine, but also a great responsibility toward all that have been and are contributing toward this cause. We need to be wise and faithful stewards of this ministry. We have been receiving money for this special fund in several ways. This means a lot of extra work for us in doing the financial report. This work is very demanding for us, and we need to keep things simple and efficient. Also, Aurel Munteanu and I offered our personal accounts to receive the transfers and it is wise to avoid receiving too much at once, so that we would not be flagged unnecessarily.

Grace Bible Baptist Church of Denham Springs, LA were very gracious to offer us their assistance for this work. They will be collecting the checks made toward Ukraine Relief Fund and wire them to us. Their address to send checks to is:

Grace Bible Baptist Church of Denham Springs, LA
c/o Keith Laurence
26913 Homer Laurence Lane
Denham Springs, LA 70726

Checks should be noted “Ukrainian Relief”.
Phone: 225-321-2266 (Pastor Robert Keller) or

Phone: 225-664-3557 (Treasurer, Keith Laurence)

Link to Report on Our First Trip to Ukraine

3/11/2022 - Raul and Aurel picking up more air mattresses on way to Ukraine




3/12/2022 - Raul and Aurel in Ukraine transfering supplies to the brother from Ukraine

3/12/2022 - Heading back into Romania

Pictures in Ukraine from Brothers that delivered supplies

Video 2022-03-07 of Destroyed Apartments


Link to Report on Our Second Trip to Ukraine


Outreach on 4/4/2022

We sent today 550 euros to Mihail. He is going with two other brothers to Irpin, Bucha and Borodyanka, on the outskirts of Kiev. They are taking bread to the people that survived the Russian occupation and massacres there. 1500 loaves of bread and Gospel booklets from us.

The brothers are loading a big van with bread. 500 loaded and are waiting for the bakers to finish the others lots, to start their trip to the outskirts of Kiev.


Outreach on 4/5/2022 from Raul Enyedi


Current shape of some homes of the refugees


Sister Alesia and her husband distributing aid. People cooking for refugees.


Sister Alesia (left) from Kropivnitski, distributing aid, including mattresses from us, to people who host refugees from Kharkiv and Mariupol.


Local people are building beds for them. We are furnishing mattresses and sleeping bags.


We’re preparing 175 mattresses, 100 sleeping bags, 50+ jackets for women and children and detergent. That’s all we have room for now.


Outreach on 4/7/2022 from Raul Enyedi

Mihail is the first on the left. He is wearing the shoes we got for him and also has the walkie talkie from us. The bread they are unloading is from us. It is good to see that the items and the money are put to real and good use.

Above Pictures from Irpin and Bucha.


Outreach on 4/10/2022 from Raul Enyedi

Van and trailer are loaded to the brim. Lord willing, tomorrow at 6 AM we are starting our third trip to Ukraine.


Outreach on 4/13/2022 from Raul Enyedi

This is Brother Orest above.

Some pics below are from Brother Orest, who was yesterday in Irpin and Dimer, near Kiev, to deliver aid. We left the aid we brought for them with his brother, Pavel. They are from an Independent Baptist Church near Chernivtsi. Orest helped us find translators for the two Gospel booklets. He also invited us to preach for them.

There are brothers heading to the east which will be a dangerous journey. Raul says, "They were getting ready to go to Dnipro after unloading the first van in Kropivnitski. They plan to reach as far as Zaporojie, where the Russians retreated. They will unload in Dnipro the second van and in Zaporojie the third. From there, they will take as many refugees as they can and bring them to western Ukraine. It is going to be a long night for them. Be in prayer for them.

When we hear from them and know they are safe we will update the page here.


Outreach on 4/14/2022 from Raul Enyedi

Raul: We got the van today! I just arrived home with it.


Link to Report on Our Third Trip to Ukraine

Video 2022-04-18 of Destroyed Bridge

Video 2022-04-18 of trying to cross a Destroyed Bridge

Pictures above are from Third Trip to Ukraine


4/19/2022 Update - Pictures below from Brother Mihai driving between Keiv and Jitomir

Video of Destruction on drive between Keiv and Jitomir

More Video of Destruction on drive between Keiv and Jitomir


4/24/2022 Update

24 packages reached front line soldiers in Donetsk. The sleeping bag and the Gospel booklet is from us. The soldiers wanted us to know their gratitude.

The soldiers faces are blocked out for their protection.


From Raul on 4/28/2022

From sister Alesya. Two Russian missles hit just ahead of them. They saw them falling. She was in her city, Kropyvnytsky, delievering aid with her husband, in her usual routes.


From Raul on 5/13/2022

This trip was expensive, as we bought many blankets, bed sheets, things like that. Once we’ll switch to buying food, the trips won’t cost as much. I estimate we have enough funds for five more trips, perhaps more. (They used the new/used larger van).

Just crossed the border back into Romania. We have been driving for almost 12 hours and have 11 or 12 more to drive to get home. But we are three drivers, so we should make it if we drive all night.

The trip was very good! We were able to have some fellowship and a snack with the Ukrainian brethren while unloading the aid. They were very happy for the Gospel booklets. They will distribute them all over eastern Ukraine. We prayed together and we went to meet other brothers, while they and the two Romanian brothers from the refugee camp went on their trip to Kharkov, near the Russian border. We sent aid there through them and Gospel booklets.

Link to Report on Our Fourth Trip to Ukraine


Back from Fifth Trip to Ukraine

The brethren are back from Ukraine. Very good trip. They visited three places, delivered lots of literature and stayed several hours for fellowship before heading back to Romania. They spoke with a Romanian ethnic Baptist pastor about what we believe on grace and church truth. We have invitations to go there and preach. He told them that his grandfather told him that the Baptists there are descendants of the Anabaptists, but he did know too much other than that. He got all our literature in Romanian and showed interest in it. Said he would study it after things will quiet down there.


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Pictures from 6th Trip


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Pictures and Videos of Seventh Trip on Google Drive


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Pictures of Eighth Trip on Google Drive


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