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Jesus - the Mercy Seat


In Israel’s camp when Egypt fled,

And God his flock to Horeb led,

God called Moses to that jagged peak,

So words of truth He could clearly speak.


“Moses, here’s a pattern” God did tell,

“That amongst my people I may dwell,

A tent in the midst of Israel’s kin,

A tabernacle; let the work begin.”


As part of the plan, there’s a special space,

that will be called the Holiest place,

It's a hallowed spot, now don’t you fail,

Set the Ark in place behind the vail.


And on top of that box of wood and gold,

A special piece; now do as you’re told;

Take the choicest of Gold; beat it ere so well,

Put two cherubs on the ends to dwell.


It’s the place where I'll with people meet,

And, Moses, we’ll call it the Mercy Seat.

And every year, send in Aaron to stand

Facing the east, with blood in his hand,


And seven times toward the seat his finger shake,

For himself and the people atonement make,

It’s the law of the covenant imposed upon you,

Until the perfect redeemer comes to view.


That Redeemer’s the Prophet  I likened to you,

And what He says, the people must do,

He’s Messiah, Moses, he’ll do all my will,

But Israel will hate him; and My Son they'll kill.


It was all in God's plan from before there was day,

He has chosen some people, and this is the way

He's pleased to forgive and remove all their sin,

By the Son’s precious blood and his rising again.


Like that very special place on top of the ark,

In back of the vail where it’s naturally dark,

He’ll be sprinkled with blood, n’er more to repeat,

God's lamb - Messiah, man’s Mercy Seat.


A crown of thorns they would force on his brow,

In their blindness and rage, they’d never know how

God's plan they performed, so as not to repeat,

When blood from the thorns stained the Mercy Seat.


They’d whip his back, long furrow’s they’d rake,

As sheep before shearers, no move he would make,

The sinless Messiah, the most holy and meet,

Whose blood flowed down on the Mercy Seat.


Then, without the gate, to be nailed to the tree,

Hands and feet spiked for others and thee,

God's precious Lamb; he’d yield his body complete,

Then sprinkle His blood on the Mercy Seat.


God would be pleased by the travail of his Son;

And by his one sacrifice all would be done

And all of His sheep would be made meet

By the Lord Jesus Christ, their Mercy Seat!


So, from that hour, though ordained before day,

God looks to that tree because the devil may

Charge one of his sheep, saying he’s not meet;

And remember his son, God's Mercy Seat!


So Moses turned when God was through

instructing him build and letting him view

the pattern of things in the heavens above;

Shadowing shades of sovereign love,


To be pictured within the walls of that tent,

In back of the vail where the High Priest went,

In the Holiest of all, a gold cover was beat

and was named - praise God! - the Mercy Seat! 


-- Leon King, 1996

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