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Three Witnesses for the Baptists

By Curtis A. Pugh

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Author's Statement - Forward - Acknowledgements - Preface

CHAPTER ONE: Introductory Considerations

  • The Present Situation
  • The Issues Stated
  • Baptist History Versus Religious History
  • Baptists Differentiated
  • The Baptist Name
  • The Baptist Distinctive is the Protestant Dilemma
  • Two Canadian Illustrations of Biblical Practice
    • Caleb Blood in Canada
    • Lemuel Covell and Obed Warren in Canada 
CHAPTER TWO: The First Witness
  • The Testimony of the Baptists 
    • The Testimony of John T. Christian
    • The Testimony of T.G. Jones
    • The Testimony of Joseph Belcher
    • The Testimony of William Cathcart
    • The Testimony of Charles Spurgeon
    • The Testimony of John Ashworth
    • The Testimony of J.M Cramp
    • The Testimony of Thomas Crosby
    • The Testimony of Joseph Hooke
    • The Testimony of John Gill
  • Conclusions Drawn from Baptist Claims 
    • Example 1: Abraham Booth
    • Example 2: John Spittlehouse and John More
CHAPTER THREE: The Second Witness
  • The Testimony of Non-Baptists 
    • The Testimony of Heinrich Bullinger
    • The Testimony of Peter Allix
    • The Testimony of Ulrich Zwingli
    • The Testimony of Cardinal Hosius
    • The Testimony of an Educated Host
    • The Testimony of Robert Barclay
    • The Testimony of John Lawrence Mosheim
    • The Testimony of David Masson
    • The Testimony of Alexander Campbell
    • The Testimony of John Clark Ridpath
    • The Testimony of Sir Isaac Newton
    • The Testimony of Drs. Ypeij and Dermout
  • Summary of the Testimony of Non-Baptists
CHAPTER FOUR: The Third Witness
  • The Testimony of the Scriptures 
    • Christ's Church Revealed in the Scriptures
    • Christ Founded His Church
    • Christ Founded a Real Church
    • Christ Commissioned His Church
    • Christ Guaranteed Perpetuity to His Church
    • Christ Instituted a Perpetual Supper in His Church
    • Christ Designed His Church to Continue
      • She is a Bride
      • She is an House
      • She is Kept by Her Sovereign Founder

GLOSSARY (to be read)



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