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Information About Our Church

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SEE Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly in Romania

Information about our Missionary to Thailand

Information about Missionary to Romania that we support

Mission Links

A Baptist Voice in Romania (Missionary: Raul Enyedi)

Grace Bible Baptist Mission in Thailand (Missionary: Dan Sullivan)

Frank James - Missionary to Western Australia

Sovereign Grace Baptist Churches

Anchorage Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska

Beauty Mount Baptist Church Facebook Page, Edmond, West Virginia

Beauty Mount Baptist Church Radio Outreach, Edmond, West Virginia

Berea Baptist Church, Mantachie, Mississippi

Calvary Independent Baptist Church, Post Falls, Idaho

Central Baptist Church, Grenada, Mississippi

Citrus Baptist Church, Inverness Florida

Davenport Baptist Church, Davenport, Washington

Damascus Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina

Ella Grove Baptist, Glennville, Georgia

Faith Baptist Church, Seffner, Florida

Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Streamwood, IL

Grace Baptist Church, Gladwin, Michigan

Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Newville, Alabama

Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Home Baptist Church, Mount Morris, Michigan

Independence Baptist Church, Foristell, MO

Indore Baptist Church

Landmark Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

Landmark Baptist Church, Mercersburg, PA

Landmark Independent Baptist Church, Archer, FL

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Granite Bay, CA

Landmark Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Memorial Heights Baptist Church, Perry GA

Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Chesapeake, OH

New Testament Baptist Church, Bristol, TN

North Ballard Baptist Church, Wickliffe, Kentucky

Northside Baptist Church, Oakdale, Louisiana

Philadelphia Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama

Providence Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

South Irvine Baptist Church, Irvine,Kentucky

Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly, Bocsa, Romania

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Caldwell, Kansas

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Cortland, Ohio

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Hortense, Georgia

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Mansfield, Ohio

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Northport Alabama

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Silsbee, Texas

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Wake Forest North Carolina

The Bible Baptist Church, Plant City, Florida

The Lord`s Baptist Church, Tacoma WA

The Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly, Bocsa, Romania

The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas

Victory Baptist Church, Vader, Washington

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